Day 9 – Wednesday – Mayo

Posted: 27/06/2012 in Holiday

I drove (yes, you read that right: I drove) over to Westport to have a look around the Quay. We’d read good reports about the seafood chowder in one of the restaurants there, but I shied away for fear of having a bad reaction to the mussels. The Harbour Outlet shop will full of expensive items, like Alessi – that well-known Irish brand! – and framed quotes from Father Ted. I do wish that shops in such prime locations would stick to selling Irish-made goods rather than over-priced designer stuff that we can find in most department stores. The Harbour Mill apartments looked appealing, but I changed my mind after reading reviews on TripAdvisor. Interestingly, the management responded only to the good reviews.

Several people had enthused about The Tavern in Murrisk (between Lousiburgh and Westport) so we went there for an early dinner (having missed lunch). We were not disappointed with the beef and Guinness casserole, or the Guinness itself. The only downside was the music: O…asis. O…shut up.

Stopped off at Durkans in Louisburgh for some loo rolls and eggs for breakfast (the eggs, not the loo rolls). We were getting a little weary of the bad weather, and considered heading back to Dublin a day early. I called the Fitz to see if we could add a night (at the same rate). We could, so we did. It’d be nice to have a full weekend in the heart of the city. It’s a joy to walk down Grafton Street before the crowds arrive, and to watch the flower sellers setting up their stalls.

We’d looked at the beach at Killadoon from that big picture window for days, but still hadn’t been down there. Today would be no different because we missed the turn. By now, Mark was feeling a little unwell so we decided to head back to the cottage. Maybe tomorrow.


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