Day 8 – Tuesday – At the cottage

Posted: 26/06/2012 in Holiday

“I can see Clare now that the rain has gone”

A domestic sort of day. Found a ring-binder in the kitchen. It contained instructions for the telly and the dishwasher, etc. And a list of rules: don’t take furniture out of the cottage, don’t use the hoover to clean up sand, set the fire towards the back of the grate to prevent smoke coming into the room (so that’s why), don’t hang wet clothes on the radiators because it causes them to rust. We did laundry. I’ve always hung small stuff on radiators to dry and never had a problem with rust. Maybe she meant dripping wet after a walk in the rain. Anyway, there was no tumble dryer, and nothing would have dried if we’d hung them on the rotary clothesline. So on the radiator they went. No rust. There was also a note about supplying your own laundry powder, washing-up liquid and dishwasher tablets! Remember me saying I’d asked if I needed to bring anything? That wouldn’t have been much of a problem for us. Easy enough to chuck a few dishwasher tablets in the boot. But what about guests flying in from the US? Are they expected to buy a month’s supply of all these things, then leave them behind or pay excess baggage charges? The cost to the owners of providing enough to run the dishwasher a few times, or do a couple of loads of laundry would be minimal. Incidentally, I’d texted Mary when I couldn’t find any dishwasher tablets the other day, and she’d dropped a box round.

I did a decent amount of online research on my family tree, inspired by that visit to the Records Office last week. I quickly realised I should have searched for my grandfather’s birth certificate too, as I can’t get any further without that. Perhaps I’ll get in touch with Eileen, that very helpful woman I met that day. She gave me her card. She’s American, married to an Irishman, and living in Dublin.

Supervalu’s 7-euro dinner turned out better than we’d anticipated.


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