Day 1 – Tuesday – Bingham to Holyhead

Posted: 19/06/2012 in Holiday
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Early start. No matter how much notice we have, there are always last-minute jobs (laundry and stuff). The cats cooperated when it came to getting into their boxes for their trip to the cattery: Sam just walked straight in, while Dave needed just a little encouragement (shove). Lovely cattery, run by a couple who clearly adore cats. The place is immaculate, and the runs well designed: big comfy bed on level 2, food bowls on level 1, and large covered litter trays tucked away on the ground. There’s a scratching post, and lots of toys. Got to cuddle a couple of their 11-week-old kittens. Beautiful little creatures; half Bengal. Back home via Morrisons to fill up with petrol; cheapest around (128.9 a litre). Quick stop at Sainsbury’s for some rolls for the journey, plus pork pies and Danish pastries to scoff before we set off. We’d intended to leave by noon, but then realised there wouldn’t be much point in getting to Holyhead too early. That place is grim. In the car and away at 14:41 (something very pleasing about that). Perfect day for it. No rain (for a change). The journey was uneventful. Stopped at Sanbach services for some Costa coffee and those rolls I mentioned. Reached the Travelodge just before 7pm. Only one bath towel and no loo paper, but that was quickly sorted. Drove over to Morrisons for some wine and beer, and supper snacks (pasta salad, and yoghurt with honey). Watched the Hairy Bikers on telly. Bed about 10. So pleased we’d brought our Tempur pillows; supplied ones pretty thin. [Censored!]


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